Recent changes on ByBit: what's new on the exchange

The ByBit cryptocurrency exchange is actively developing. Since the beginning of June, it has received several significant updates. In the article we will tell you more about them.

New markets and partners

Over the past two weeks, the exchange has been able to achieve several important results. First, I received another license in the CIS market, expanding the geography of my services. Secondly, I have achieved a partnership with a well—known watch brand.

License in Kazakhstan

On June 7, the cryptocurrency exchange was able to get approval from local regulators in Kazakhstan. Thanks to this, the platform will be able to officially work with cryptocurrencies and provide services for storing them on its accounts.

The license was obtained thanks to the AIFC's approval in principle, which was granted to the exchange in May 2023. Due to this, the cryptocurrency platform is actively expanding in the CIS countries, fully fulfilling local regulatory requirements. This also indicates the platform's commitment to dynamically developing markets.

Partnership with Frank Muller

Frank Muller is a well—known Swiss brand that produces luxury watches. Recently it became known that the cryptocurrency platform has entered into a partnership with the company. As a result, general advertising companies will soon appear.

According to the parties, this will demonstrate the harmonious compatibility of advanced technologies of the crypto platform and the skill of the manufacturer.

The parties are going to issue a common bank card. At the same time, it will have special conditions for both exchange users and brand customers. It can be used to pay for purchases from the manufacturer, get a discount in other stores that will connect to the project.

An exclusive game will also be launched. It is planned to make immersive gameplay, which will appeal to both fans of games and connoisseurs of clockwork mechanisms. The exchange will also develop an NFT collection, where legendary figures and items from the net will be displayed. Additionally, she plans to draw prizes every week among the users who will have the highest results.

Both sides are delighted with the cooperation, as it opens up new markets for both companies. They also see significant prospects and benefits for customers in this.

About updates on the site itself

ByBit decided not to focus only on external improvements, but also paid attention to internal ones. On the official website you will find many promotions. We will not write about them, because there are really a lot of them, and they are constantly updated. We will inform you about the update of the crypto exchange products.

The "Regular purchases" function

This functionality makes it possible to automate the purchase of digital assets. At the same time, you will not have to conduct transactions yourself. This tool allows you to average the cost of acquiring cryptocurrencies in various market conditions. Also, the user will be able to strategically allocate their funds and provide themselves with a guarantee of stable profits in the future.

The point is to set a schedule for regular purchases. It can be every day, week, two or once a month. At the same time, you enter the purchase amount yourself.

New tool with ChatGPT

It is not surprising that artificial intelligence began to be introduced to the stock exchange, because this is an innovative technology that expands opportunities. The tool was named ToolsGPT.

It is a platform on which machine learning technologies have been placed together with artificial intelligence and market data of the exchange itself. 

Due to this, traders will be provided with market forecasts. The following types of analysis are available: technical, financial, modeling, etc. The functionality will be provided free of charge. At the same time, they talk about a free and convenient interface.

The GRIN4 ecosystem

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