The fall of the BOB meme token

The BOB meme token fell in price after Elon Musk's statement that it was a fraudulent project. At the same time, the Twitter team also blocked the account of the popular AI bot Explain This Bob.

What happened and how users reacted

Yesterday, Elon Musk made a post on his account that Bob may be a cryptoscam profile. After a while it was blocked. At the same time, the bot had over 400 thousand subscribers.

The project was created by the Hindu programmer Prabhu Biswal. In his program, he took OpenAI GPT-4 as a basis. The bot was able to respond to tweets.

Also, a separate coin was developed for him, developed on the ERC-20. According to Coindecko, as a result of the suspension of the profile, the value of the token collapsed by at least 30%.

Note that in April, Musk had a completely different opinion. He claimed "that he loves Bob." This tweet was used in a promotional material on the project's website.

On the social network, users reacted to this by creating the hashtag #FREEBOB. Some users even wonder how Bob differs from the Dogecoin meme coin that Musk is so actively promoting.

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