The Deneb update package has been formed

Recently, another online conference was held between the Ethereum development team. During it, they discussed the upcoming modernization of the Deneb consensus. It will enter the Dencun hard fork.

What are they going to update?

The developers considered a number of initiatives that improve the crypto network:

  • 7044 – provides an opportunity to improve interaction with participants of the crypto network. At the same time, they ensure the stability of the fact that the prescribed outputs of the validator are always confirmed.
  • 7045 – provides increased security of the crypto network. At the same time, it increases the sliding window to include certification slots from 1 to 2 epochs.
  • 4788 – allows you to simplify interaction with participants of the crypto network who develop decentralized applications. The update discloses data on the state of the chain in the EVM, which provides access with a minimum level of trust.

The last offer was additionally decided to be included in the update, which will concern the second part of the Cancun hard fork. It was included in the specification last week.

Experts also thought about increasing BLOB arrays to 6 pieces. The customer team agreed to conduct testing on the appropriate network. The final decision will be made after 14 days.

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