Ethereum will have a protocol like Bitcoin Ordinals

One of the participants of the Ethereum crypto network has developed the Ethscriptions protocol. It makes it possible to create and transfer digital artifacts to the crypto network. They are similar to the Ordinals inscriptions in the Bitcoin cryptocurrency network.

What is known about the new protocol?

The protocol was launched by Tom Lehman. He is a former SEO of the online music encyclopedia Genius. He said that the launch was successful. More than 30 thousand Ethscriptions have already been created in 18 hours. At the same time, there is a copy of the popular CryptoPanks NFT collection.

The creator of the Web 3.0 Console platform said it is interesting to observe how for the first time since its appearance Ethereum copies something from Bitcoin.

The protocol makes it possible to write arbitrary files to the blockchain cryptoset. At the same time, their size should not exceed 96 kB. In the beginning, he is able to decrypt only pictures. However, in the future it is planned to add absolutely all types of data.

To create an artifact, he needs to make a transaction from 0 ETH to a special address. At the same time, a file must be entered in the Hex data field, which has been converted to a 16-digit format.

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