SUI paid CertiK 500 thousand dollars.

CertiK company is engaged in security verification. The companies paid a reward of 500 thousand dollars for the fact that experts found a mistake in the blockchain. This was reported by CoinTelegraph.

What is known about the vulnerability

Analysts noted that the HamsterWheel vulnerability has significant differences from conventional exploits. The bottom line is that it was possible to take control of nodes and carry out operations without processing new transactions.

The company found this malfunction before the main SUI crypto network was launched last month. The development team immediately fixed this malfunction. A detailed report was promised to be provided later.

The director of the audit company stated that the methods of attacking the blockchain are regularly changed and improved. The discovery of this vulnerability shows that threats have a growing sophistication. 

He also noted that it is important to support the award programs. This allows for proactive measures in the field of cybersecurity.

Recall that in May, the audit company froze 160 thousand dollars, which were withdrawn from the decentralized Merlin crypto exchange due to invulnerability.

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