In Crypto.com There is a secret department

At the crypto exchange Crypto.com there is a classified department dealing with pop trading. Its employees have no right to spread about their activities. This information was reported by the Financial Times.

What is known about the secret department

The publication reported that in most of the crypto markets of marketmaking, together with pop trading, they conduct activities that are in no way related to the company's platform. At the same time, she wants to hide the conduct of such activities.

By myself Crypto.com denied all possible connection with internal crypto trading, which would violate the established standards. Therefore, the company completely rejected any internal trade that could be understood as marketmaking.

One of the sources told the publication that the secret unit was created to earn money, and not to increase the liquidity of the site. Moreover, employees use both "their own exchange and others 

The press service of the platform reported that the company puts both an internal market maker and third-party ones on the same level. This helps to limit spreads and increase market efficiency. This practice is not prohibited. At the same time, they added that they are a risk-neutral platform, thanks to hedging orders on several platforms, including the native exchange.

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