Illegal Bitcoin transactions in Belarus: what the authorities reported

Last year, the State Control Committee of the Republic of Belarus opened 70 criminal investigations. They are connected with the illegal conduct of cryptocurrency transactions. This is reported by local media BELTA, referring to Gerasimov.

What information was provided

The Chairman of the Committee said that cryptocurrencies make it possible to illegally conduct the movement of capital. Gerasimov added that due to the decentralization of the cryptocurrency market and the anonymity of users during transactions, it is impossible to create clear algorithms to control transactions. At the same time, there are restrictions to have a legal impact on foreign crypto platforms.

However, thanks to the developed technologies, the Committee can find schemes in which cryptocurrencies participate. Gerasimov noted that for this purpose a special register of crypto wallets was created, which are used in illegal activities. Recently, they were able to find about 70 such wallets. At the same time, he added that the more they are detected, the greater the volume of tracked operations.

Gerasimov also noted that it is important to develop cryptocurrency exchanges that operate on the basis of a high-tech Park. This is due to the fact that payments passing through such a platform are transparent.

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