DEX Osmosis Coin Inflation Decreased by 50 Percent

The Osmosis crypto community, which is one of the largest decentralized exchanges in Cosmos, decided to adjust the tokenomics of the platform. Thanks to this, inflation will fall by at least 50%.

What changes are we talking about?

OSMO 2.0 is an initiative, the essence of which is to move from the initial distribution of coins to ensuring long-term and stability. After the cuts, the inflation rate of the native coin of the platform reached about 11 percent.

The development team reported that this adjustment makes it possible to establish a balance, ensuring uniform growth with sustainability. Thanks to this, crypto assets will be distributed more smoothly over a set period.

Representatives of the crypto exchange additionally reported that they would probably integrate a mechanism that burns the platform's profits. This provides the basis of the deflationary type.

The company's management is currently at the stage of discussing commission fees for liquid pools. The initiative will also expand the possibilities of staking. Users will be able to convert coins in the protocol, and they will be rewarded for this.

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