Etherscan Implements Code Reader with Artificial Intelligence

Data about what is happening in the blockchain is extremely important in many situations. This is especially true for users who conduct a huge number of operations. Etherscan is one of the platforms reviewing the Ethereum blockchain. This is one of the most popular sites. In the article we will introduce you to the project and tell you about the innovation.

What is Etherscan?

The project surveys blocks and provides shared access to data on transactions, smart contracts, crypto addresses and other elements of the Ethereum blockchain. It can be used as a search engine to search for data about all the actions taking place inside the crypto network. ID operations can also be performed here to check all relevant promotions, which may include smart contracts, crypto addresses, coins.

You do not need to register on the service. However, in order to get additional functionality, you need to perform the procedure. For example, you will receive notifications about the receipt of a transaction, you can access the developer tools or create information channels.

The project does not give users Ethereum crypto wallets to use or store private keys. It also cannot be used to trade. The service is actually a source of information about the Ethereum blockchain and acts as a database for smart contracts.

Why should I use Etherscan?

The service is the most reliable as a block browser for Ethereum. There are several reasons to use it:

  1. It provides data about whales. This way you can find out that large sums have been transferred to the crypto exchange. This can be a harbinger of large sales.
  2. You can track the transactions that the creators make in their crypto projects. So you will find out if one of these SCAM projects or the so-called rug pull. The latter are schemes in which the development team abandoned their brainchild and is engaged in the sale of internal crypto assets.

The service provides a lot of important information. Therefore, it is in great demand. Recently it became known that he is launching a new tool — Code Reader, which is developed in combination with artificial intelligence.

What is a Code Reader?

The Etherscan development team has introduced a beta version of the new tool. It was developed, as we have already mentioned, on the basis of AI. The purpose of the creation is to study the primary code of smart contracts.

The description of the tool states that when choosing the crypto address of a smart contract, the participant of the crypto network has access to the files where the source codes are entered. He will be able to work with them and study.

During this, hints will be generated. To do this, the OpenAI language functionality is used. At the same time, she will not talk like ChatGPT.

To work with the tool, the OpenAI API key is sufficient. It will automatically extract the source code for the specified crypto address of the smart contract. The participant of the crypto network will have access to work with the data, and he can also ask to get an in-depth understanding.

For example , the developers indicated:

  1. The ability to review the code to better understand its internal functioning.
  2. The possibility of obtaining a list of functions with extensive explanation.
  3. It is possible to study the implementation of decentralized applications.

The development team reported that it is extremely important for them to have feedback from the participants. This will contribute to expanding the functionality and solving all possible problems. Therefore, developers are asked to leave feedback about the beta version.

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