GRIN4 — a new generation ecosystem

Any trader knows how hard it is to find a service that would provide all the opportunities for successful trading. However, as a rule, some important functionality is missing. The GRIN4 ecosystem is a colossal work on all the shortcomings of trading platforms. Get acquainted with a new approach to trading cryptocurrencies, where there is absolutely everything.

GRIN4: what the ecosystem gives to users

GRIN4 is a whole ecosystem where there really is absolutely everything you need for a trader. We will tell you more about each one.

Wallet Aggregator

The user is given the opportunity to add absolutely all the wallets that he wants. To do this, just go to the profile and select the "add wallet" function.

The user will have a choice — to use their crypto wallets or create a new one. In the latter case, a unique GRIN4 crypto wallet is generated. It is noncastodial. Therefore, the system does not save any data on it.

To add existing wallets, you need to use a mnemonic phrase. Creating and adding is simple and intuitive. Therefore, there will be no problems and difficulties.

Terminal for analytics

One of the largest terminals. Here the user is given a choice of more than 20 technical indicators. You will be able to analyze the market for a specific crypto exchange by developing your own strategy for further trading.

The terminal supports absolutely all cryptocurrency platforms that have been added to the ecosystem. You can switch the terminal to the desired crypto exchange and view analytics on it.

The terminal has added those indicators that have high accuracy and allow you to correctly predict the crypto market and its movements. With their help, you can determine the entry and exit points and develop a strategy.

Trading Bot

The cryptocurrency trading bot was created taking into account all the nuances of trading in a volatile market. Therefore, not only strategies are configured here, according to which the bot will automatically trade, but also precautions.

For example, stop losses will help the bot to stop at the level at which there is a risk of loss of profit. Take profits will allow you to maximize income while maintaining the security of the asset.

The bot can work simultaneously with several exchanges, earning on the difference in cryptocurrency rates. At the same time, there are no restrictions on creating a cryptobot. You can make them in the amount that you need.

If the user has little experience and no knowledge of settings, then SMART templates can be used. They have a number of set parameters, according to the most proven strategies. Stable profit with their help is more than realistic. At the same time, the risks will be minimal.

Flexible settings are provided for more experienced traders. At the same time, they change depending on the set trading period: long-term or short-term. 

What are the advantages of the site

One of the key advantages is anonymity. It is maintained here at the highest level. This is provided by several factors:

  1. No personal data. Not only do you not need to provide scans of documents for verification, but even a contact phone number. Just register via email or Google. There is no need to provide any confirmation and additional data.
  2. Subscription payments are made only through an anonymous cryptocurrency. To do this, the USDT stablecoin is used. No banking transactions that could reveal your identity are carried out here. Withdrawals also occur via crypto wallets.

The second priority for the administration is the safety of users. A high level of protection of all data and operations is carried out here. This is implemented by several methods:

  1. No collection of personal data. This also includes coockie files that may pose a threat to users. The platform does not save anything that can then be used to hack accounts.
  2. Funds are stored exclusively on your wallets. The only exception is the GRIN4 account required to pay for the subscription. Therefore, even if the impossible happens and the site is hacked, an attacker will not be able to get all your assets.
  3. Engagement of a noncastodial wallet. Access to your crypto wallets is carried out exclusively through a mnemonic phrase. Even if a wallet is created directly on GRIN4, the administration does not have access to it.
  4. Connecting to the exchange only via an API key. At the same time, only a cryptocurrency bot works with it. Thus, an attacker will not gain access to your assets on the exchange. After all, when setting up the creation of an API key, you restrict access 

As a result of these actions, no databases are stored on the site. Therefore, users can be calm about access to everything.

It is also worth noting that traders who have a small deposit and are just starting trading will be able to use the platform. All functionality is provided free of charge. At the same time, it is not even necessary to subscribe. In the free version, a commission of 25% of the profit received is simply charged. In other words, until the user makes a profit, the bot will be absolutely free.

Also, if desired, you can subscribe from one month to a year. It doesn't cost that much. For example, the annual format will cost only $ 1 per month.

GRIN4 is a platform where users can hear

It seems that there are sites where you can trade. However, then the necessary exchange is not added, then the wallet. As a result, you have to look for third services and switch between them during trading. After all, developers are not going to add what you need, ignoring such requests.

Connecting any wallet is not a problem here. Thanks to this, you can trade with those assets that are convenient for you. Don't have the right one? Contact the support service. They will definitely listen to your wishes.

6 crypto exchanges are connected to the site as standard: Binance, OKX, ByBit, CuCoin, Gate.io and Huobi. However, if you need some other platform, you can always contact the support service. They add exchanges at the request of users.

You can also contact her about improving the project. The ecosystem continues to evolve and look for new opportunities to improve user functionality and convenience.

The GRIN4 ecosystem

We have created a bot to make money on crypto exchanges. You set the settings, and he trades 24/7. Manage all assets from one service: with your own hands or with the help of algorithmic trading. Anonymously. Simply. Stress-free.