When will Bitcoin's Bullish rally appear — Nansen's opinion

In order for Bitcoin to have a bullish rally, it is necessary to achieve clear regulation in the United States. It is also necessary to ensure a stable fall in inflation. This conclusion was provided by the analytical firm Nansen.

What the company's report says

Aurelie Barter, explores the crypto market. She has compiled a report stating that the opinions of central banks and the market are changing. The recession is starting to move away. However, the problem is stable inflation.

In her opinion, this is the reason for the creation of nonlinear factors. Because of them, monetary policy (except for Asia) is limited. As a result, this acts as a deterrent to risky assets.

However, she notes that the observation of shallow sales of digital assets and a drop in possible volatility confirm the consideration of most regulatory and macroeconomic negative scenarios in the value of the asset.

On June 10, the Bitcoin exchange rate fell to $ 26 thousand per coin. This was the result of users' reaction to lawsuits against major cryptocurrency exchanges. However, when the Fed kept the range of base rates, the value of the asset began to recover. For example, today, Bitcoin at the moment reached $ 29 thousand. However, the exchange rate did not drop several hundred dollars after that.

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