One of the founders of Flashbots left the company

Alex Obadaya decided to leave the organization. The reason he called different opinions regarding the future of the crypto project. He was engaged in strategic research.

What kind of dispute are we talking about?

The specialist published a farewell letter. In it, he thanked the company and its employees for 3 years, which were memorable. However, he also expressed a warning that the company will have serious problems.

He believes that the system developed by the company to prevent centralization remains vulnerable.

Flashbots develops solutions that allow for freer access to opportunities that allow you to extract the greatest profit. It also creates protection against illegal involvement of MEV in the Ethereum crypto network.

He stated that the system they sought to protect remains vulnerable to centralization. This is due to the cross-domain MEV and the unique flow of orders. In addition, the company has taken a leading position, and therefore it needs to protect the system from itself. Otherwise, the company will become what it is struggling with.

Representatives of the organization noticed that it will have significant personnel changes before the new start of attracting investments.

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