Ex-TradeFi Executives Move To Crypto

Former TradeFi executives have moved into the cryptocurrency industry. At the same time, they reported that they do not intend to return, even taking into account the numerous actions of US regulators and crypto-winter.

Reasons for the departure of the heads of the banking industry

It is reported that traditional bankers who have gone into the cryptosphere are optimistic about the future of cryptocurrencies. They are interested in implementing real innovations.

For example, Lisa Wade, who is now the CEO of DigitalX, moved into the cryptocurrency sphere in 2021. Prior to that, she was Head of Innovation and Sustainability at NAB (National Australia Bank). She told Cointelegraph that the cryptocurrency sphere gives huge freedom to take innovative risks in comparison with banks. She also noted that it became obvious that the future is behind Web 3.0. at the same time, there are difficulties for innovation implementation inside. She added that those who are still burning with their work are jumping "off the ship."

Guy Dickinson now holds the post of CEO of the BetaCarbon platform. Last year he served as the former treasurer of HSBC Australia. He said that carbon credits and environmental markets are difficult to access. However, thanks to Web 3.0, he was able to access them. At the same time, he added that the banking sector is dying.

Simon Dixon, who heads BnkToThe Future, said that he had previously wanted to create a regular bank. However, he opened a centralized cryptocurrency securities business. He added that there are more risks with traditional banks.

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