The Atomic Wallet crypto wallet reported the hack, but did not give any answers

Users of the cryptocurrency wallet are striving to get more answers. Even taking into account the fact that the administration of the wallet finally fully announced the hacking that took place. Recall that the losses reached $ 100 million.

What are the reasons for hacking?

In their blog, the development team published a post on June 20. They reported that after the first reports of hacking, such cases did not happen again.

There was also confirmation of casualties. Their number was less than 0.1% in the crypto wallet. Note that the developers have already talked about this once. However, this tweet has been deleted, and the figure is being refuted.

The developers did not name a specific reason for the hack. However, they provided 4 possible options:

  • A virus on users' software.
  • The infrastructure was disrupted.
  • There was a man-in-the-middle attack.
  • Integration of malicious code.

However, these scenarios are not confirmed. Capable of causing massive problems. The developers added that the security infrastructure has been updated. They are also going to improve the application to increase it. Now it is being checked by external auditors.

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