Blockchain Neutron was able to get about $10 million.

Neutron is a blockchain operating in the ecosystem of Space. The stage of attracting investments for $ 10 million was recently closed. It was led by Binance Labs and CoinFund.

What is Neutron

The blockchain is designed as an environment that provides cost-effectiveness and security. It allows you to create smart contracts and dApps. The infrastructure along with the tools were developed using the technologies of the Cosmos ecosystem. CosmWasm was also used here. This ensures compatibility with more than 50 upchains on the network.

The founder of the platform, Avril Dutail, said that the blockchain allows solving 3 key problems faced by the creators of smart contracts in the ecosystem. This concerns the poor level of security, the lack of a neutralizer and the possibility of using a cross-platform infrastructure.

The blockchain started working last month. It is the first in the ecosystem to be launched using Replicated Security. This functionality enables user chains to connect to the validator in order to safely run decentralized applications.

The GRIN4 ecosystem

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