Non-custodial storage in the Ethereum crypto network has been launched

The Casa organization is a provider of a service that provides an opportunity to store Bitcoin independently. However, now such services are also available to the Ethereum ecosystem. This was reported by the SEO company Nick Neuman.

What is known about non-custodial storage

The company is developing a unique key manager. Thanks to them, you can protect everything that is important in the digital world — assets, personal information messages. These keys are private and give full control to the user. At the same time, SEO added that it is not necessary to give this right to custodial companies.

Casa provides multisig solutions. They provide protection for all the data the user needs. Users can choose a tariff plan that sets a certain number of signatures. At the moment, the maximum you can get is 5.

The service also has the ability to connect hardware cryptocurrency wallets. Thanks to this, you can regain access to assets if the device is damaged or lost.

The company also reported that it is the first in the industry who gives the opportunity to inherit cryptocurrencies. It should be noted that in 2021, it was able to attract about $ 4 million.

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