Kaito startup was valued at more than $87 million.

Kaito was launched in beta version. About 30 thousand users have joined it. This is reported by LinkedIn.

What kind of startup is Kaito?

The project is a search engine that has added a huge number of LLM language models. At the same time, there is online access to Internet network data, including social networks and messengers such as Twitter and Telegram. There are also forums for management, Mirror, Medium. Additionally, industry research, news, transcript of project podcasts, open data are provided. The site has its own Twitter Space

The founder of the project noted that even when using the plugin, ChatGPT cannot connect to external data that relates to digital assets or the network itself. Therefore, he is not able to help people in the crypto industry. 

Crypto Flings reported that the startup was valued at $87.5. This will be a new stage of financing, which allows you to create a search engine with smart intelligence for cryptocurrency. This will allow users to receive more complete and detailed information about digital assets. Artificial intelligence will help to structure the data correctly, focusing on proven and objective sources.

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