US Elections will be Key for Cryptocurrency Regulation — Coinbase SEO

Future elections, which will be held next year, may become key for the cryptocurrency industry and the establishment of its legal status. This opinion belongs to Brian Armstrong — SEO Coinbase.

What does the SEO Exchange Think about the future of the crypto industry

A conference was held in New York. Within its framework, the SEO of the Coinbase crypto exchange spoke, said that there might be clarity from the regulator for cryptocurrencies, since a trial between the cryptocurrency platform and the SEC office recently took place.

He explained that at the moment, from a political point of view, it is not popular to act against digital assets. Therefore, there will probably be changes at several levels: at the head of the department, administration or parties. The head of the exchange also believes that the court will clarify what type of assets digital coins belong to. 

Earlier this month, the agency filed lawsuits against the largest crypto exchanges Binance and Coinbase. The latter made a strong protest in changing its business model or because of it. The chief legal consultant noted that the agency does not have the right to issue bans on DEX, since it does not have the necessary powers. They should be clearly formulated by the US Congress.

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