New CTO, NFT updates and other changes on the Kraken Exchange

The Kraken cryptocurrency exchange is one of the largest on the market. According to the platform, it has more than 9 million customers from 190 countries. During the quarter, it has more than $ 207 billion. over the past month, there have been several changes on the stock exchange, which we will discuss below.

Vishnu Patankar took the position of Technical Director

In early June, the exchange had personnel changes. Vishnu Patankar became the Technical Director. He has 20 years of experience in the field of technology. Engaged in scaling products.

Its task will be to create a new generation of products and services. He will scale the company, focusing on the most promising areas of the cryptocurrency industry. At the same time, he must maintain the exchange's desire for security and customer orientation.

He is positioned as a leader with a strong business acumen. It is able to stimulate the creation of products and infrastructure capable of meeting the needs of millions of customers. Prior to Kraken, Patankwar held the same position at StokX. It helps the company grow with regard to launching an application for non-interchangeable tokens.

Launch of the NFT platform on Kraken

Kraken announced in his blog last week that he had withdrawn from the beta testing of the NFT platform. Now it is available to everyone, as it is being fully launched.

Since the creation of the site, NFT collections have been increased. Initially, the number was 70. However, now there are more than 250 of them. The integration of one of the fastest blockchains developed for NFT also took place. We are talking about Polygon. Along with it, the popular Reddit Collectible Avatars collection was added.

The site also states that Kraken will continue to add collections that play an important role for the ecosystem, such as CryptoPanks and Mfers. At the same time, the emphasis is not so much on the NFT, as on the communities that stand behind them.

On the site you can find inexpensive collections. They cost from a few dollars and up. Thus, everyone can become a member of the NFT community.

At the same time, the purchase and sale of non-interchangeable tokens is carried out without commission. This means that there is no need to pay for gas.

Additionally, the exchange has entered into a partnership with the Formula 1 team. Thanks to this, an action is launched, winning in which you can place your own token on the rear wing of the car. It will be demonstrated at Formula 1 competitions this year.

The next day, after the announcement of the launch of the NFT platform, the exchange published another post on its blog. She announced that she has added 6 new collections. These include "Chaos City: Residents" by Lo-Fi PEPE, Trump collectible cards of two series and Y00TS. In the future, the exchange is going to continue working in this area and will expand the list of non-interchangeable tokens and their collections. 

At the time of writing, the exchange has announced 6 more collections developed on ERC-721. You can also get acquainted with them directly on the site. It provides a convenient search by NFT number.

A little bit about the exchange itself

The Kraken cryptocurrency exchange is indeed one of the largest. It provides extensive opportunities for working and trading cryptocurrency. The site is registered in the USA and has been operating for 12 years 

The crypto exchange is decentralized. She was not subjected to hacker attacks. In 2014, she helped users of Mt.Gox, which was fraudulent, to recover lost assets. Most of its assets are stored on cold crypto wallets, except for those that are actively used in trading.

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