After legalization in Russia, cryptocurrencies will be under strict control

Cryptocurrency is going to be legalized in Russia. However, supervision will be tougher. This was reported by Anatoly Aksakov, the TASS publication wrote.

What Aksakov said

He is the chairman of the State Duma Committee on the financial market. The expert noted that cryptocurrencies are legalized. However, the conduct of operations will be strictly controlled to prevent abuse.

He also noticed that most users are looking forward to the adoption of the law. The State Duma will do this in October, when the final readings will be held.

Next month, they are going to approve 4 laws that are related to cryptocurrency. He also added that users wish for the fastest possible adoption. They are going to work legally, as foreign financial companies are often afraid to work with banks of the Russian Federation or make settlements with the Russian Federation.

Earlier, the deputy head of the Ministry of Finance said that the Federal Tax Service will probably regulate cryptocurrencies in Russia. In April, a bill was introduced regulating tax payments for transactions with cryptocurrencies. 

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