During the week, the influx of bitcoin ETFs from ProShares achieved record values

The total growth of money in the bitcoin ETF from ProShares was able to reach more than $ 65 million. This is a record value for 2023, achieved in 7 days. These are the figures calculated by Bloomberg analyst Eric Balanchunas.

What are the indicators about ProShares

The total amount of assets managed by the company was again able to overcome the figure of one billion. At the same time, the trade turnover was able to reach 500 million shares. This has happened only 5 times in history, the specialist said.

He also drew attention to the fact that ETFs in greater numbers positively show the dynamics of bitcoin. The growth in the spot value when recalculated for the year was no more than 1.05%. At the same time, the majority believed that the indicator would be more than 5%. Along with this, the management fee reaches only 0.95%.

The increase in demand for the company's services was facilitated by the application of large crypto market companies to launch a spot bitcoin ETF. As a result, the cost of digital gold could exceed $30,000.

According to Deribit, interest in bitcoin futures has increased by 30%. In value terms, the indicator reached almost 319%.

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