Coinbase's share in the Ethereum staking market has fallen

According to Dune Analytics, the share of the Coinbase crypto exchange in the Ethereum staking market has fallen. The reason is called the pressure of the SEC department in the United States.

What data are known

Dune Analytics has published a dashboard. It says that the platform has a share of only 9.9% of the ether staking. These are the lowest values since the spring of 2021.

Recall that in early June, the SEC filed a lawsuit against the crypto exchange. In addition to the main claims, the regulator expressed dissatisfaction with the staking program, which is called Coinbase Earn.

In recent days, users have been actively withdrawing assets, which is why Coinbase is becoming one of the leaders in this category in terms of volume.

Recall that the unblocking of assets in staking became possible on April 13. It started after the Shapella hard fork. At the moment, the volumes in staking are growing. Now the figure has exceeded 23 million ETH. This is about 19% of the total token issue. At the same time, the share of centralized exchanges in total in staking is decreasing. Now the indicator is 19.35%, whereas in 2021 it reached 43%.

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