Hedera has implemented ChatGPT

The developers of Hedera Hashgraph have started to support the plugin, which is based on ChatGPT. They reported this on their account.

What will the ChatGPT integration give

The plugin will be installed directly in the user interface. With it, it will be possible to conduct microtransactions. Premium content and the ability to influence the Hedera economy will also appear.

The founder of the blockchain told how to use the plugin, for example:

  1. Make plugins capable of receiving data from a mirror pool. This can be the number of NFTs that were created during the last hour, the number of operations processed per day.
  2. Perform operations in the Hedera blockchain.
  3. Make data records in the Consensus Service.
  4. Make HTS tokens.

He also added that the development of dApps, marketplaces and partner programs may become available. Smart intelligence technologies will be used for this.

Note that many blockchains and crypto networks have started adding artificial intelligence ChatGPT to their projects. For example, Elletic, decided to integrate it to improve the analytics of blockchains.

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