ZK Stack Becomes a Superchain Competitor

The developers of the Matter Labs project announced the launch of ZK Stack. It is a modular toolkit that allows you to create Hyperchains crypto networks from above or in conjunction with the Ethereum solution of the L2 level of zkSync Era.

What is known about the development

The initiative may have been created as a response to a similar Superchain project created by Optimism.

Based on Hyperchains, developers want to create a crypto network that will combine blockchains working on zero-knowledge proof. It is believed that this project will be the first to be created as a "hyperchain".

ZK Stack is created as a Hyperchains development and deployment method. This set of tools allows the community to scale the system and get involved in the implementation of its mission. This was stated by Anthony Rose, who holds the position of vice president of technology at the company.

This architecture makes it possible to create a "hyperchain". At the same time, it can be of the second level, working in parallel with zkSync Era, or of the third, functioning on top of the third.

Developers are given the opportunity to customize Hyperchains for the intended purposes of the blockchain. In addition, it is advisable to run your own sequencer. The company is also going to launch a decentralized analogue.

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