Riot Platforms will purchase miners from MicroBT in the amount of more than $ 162.5 million.

Riot Platforms is engaged in mining. She signed a MicroBT contract for the purchase of more than 33 thousand bitcoin mining devices. The total hashrate of the devices is 7.6 EH/s.

More about the deal

The deal was worth almost $163 million. ASIC devices will be of the latest generation. The price will be about $21.5 per TH.

MicroBT manufactures ASIC equipment in Pittsburgh. It is located in Pennsylvania USA. Representatives of the mining company expect that the delivery will begin in December of this year. When the deployment ends early next year, the hashrate will grow to 20.1 EH/s.

Riot ordered more than 8,3 thousand. WhatsMiner M56C+ and almost 25 thousand WhatsMiner M56S++. Their energy efficiency reaches 24 and 23 J/TH respectively.

The M56S++ version was introduced in May. The organization also decided to purchase more than 66.5 thousand miners from the manufacturer according to the initial order. She can use the option both in full and in parts until the start of 2025.

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