Tron and Arkham have started cooperation

Today, TRON DAO announced that the main intellectual platform of the Arkham blockchain has begun to support the TRON blockchain. Thanks to Arkham, blockchains are deanonymized. Due to this, the users of the participants of the crypto network (both people and companies) who conduct cryptocurrency transactions are displayed.

What is Tron DAO

The project is managed by the DAO crypto community. Its goal is to accelerate the decentralization of the World Wide Web by using the capabilities of blockchain and dApps. The project was founded in 2017. Since the network launched MainNet, it has continuously demonstrated unique and impressive achievements. In July of the same year, integration into the BitTorrent ecosystem was carried out. He was the leader at that time with regard to the sphere of services with decentralization in Web 3.0, having over 100 million. monthly active participants. 

Over the past few years, the crypto project has become incredibly popular. At the moment, it has almost 169 million accounts in the blockchain. Almost 6 billion transactions and almost 12.5 billion dollars of funds that are blocked. This data is provided by Tronscan.In addition, the largest turnover of USDT stablecoins, which are issued by Tether, occurs to the crypto network. Their number is even greater than in the Ethereum crypto network. Overtaking happened back in April 2021. 

In the same year, TRON completed full decentralization, so now it is managed by the crypto community. Last fall, he was appointed a blockchain that will be used by the Commonwealth of Dominica. This happened for the first time for the blockchain to cooperate with an independent state. This is done to develop the national blockchain infrastructure. In addition to the approval of the DMC issue, 7 more coins based on the crypto network have become official coins and means of exchange in the country.

What is known about Arkham

Arkham, as already mentioned, is a project that conducts deanonymization of the blockchain. With the support of Palantir and OpenAI, a platform for cryptocurrency analytics was created. It displays the data of people and companies that operate and have addresses in the blockchain. It also shows a wider amount of information and analytics about their conduct. Ultra is used to deanonymize data. It is a unique mechanism that maps addresses. Artificial intelligence is used for this.

What will cooperation between projects give

Thanks to Arkham's cooperation with the TRON blockchain, traders and analysts are given the opportunity to monitor the elements of the system in TRON. To do this, an analytical mechanism will be used, which is developed with the help of AI. 

TRON is one of the leaders in the world with regard to the size of active crypto addresses during the day. For this month, it reaches an average of over 2 million per day. This indicator is significantly higher than that of Ethereum or Bitcoin.TRON ranks 2nd among blockchains in terms of the size of blocked assets. Thanks to Tron's partnership with Arkham, a serious step has been taken into the future with regard to the coverage of the latest global blockchain activity. 

A representative of the TRON project said that this cooperation fits perfectly into their values. It will help to offer millions of participants to dive deeper into the blockchain than before. Due to the unique analytical tool Arkham, the project will be able to bring the understanding of TRON technology to the next level. This will enable traders and analysts to analyze objects in the crypto network. He added that together with Arkham, they are trying to make a revolution in the way users look at the crypto network and work with it.

The creator of Arkham, Miguel Morel, said that he is also glad to partner with TRON, as they are launching support for their crypto network in Arkham. They were able to reach the level that a small number of blockchains have, especially in Asia. After all, Arkham is very interested in scaling its services there.

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