Revolut has decided to reduce the commission on transactions with crypto assets

The financial and technical organization Revolut has decided to revise the principles of charging fees for transactions with cryptocurrencies. This was reported by The Block, referring to user notifications.

Why has Revolut revised its commissions

This decision was made in order to provide more competitive offers. It was approved after reviewing reviews from its users.

The company provides different pricing. Standard and Plus will charge a commission of 1.49%, whereas before it was 1.99%. In Premium and Metal tariffs, user fees are also reduced to 0.99%, which previously were 1.49%.

Please note that in the spring, the company, together with the provider Koinly, entered into a partnership to introduce the service into the list of products of a financial and technical organization. We emphasize that Koinly is a provider of products regarding the creation of automatic tax reporting.

Note that two months earlier, the company began working with clients from the UK and the European Union to provide staking services for such popular cryptocurrencies as Ethereum, Tezos, Cardano and Polkadot.

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