3AC owes liquidators $1.3 billion.

The specialists who were involved in the liquidation of Three Arrows Capital company filed a lawsuit against the founders of the fund, demanding the return of $ 1.3 billion. This is reported by The Block.

Where did this amount come from?

It is assumed that before the fall of the hedge fund, the founders Su Joo and Kyle Davis were able to raise $ 1.3 billion. This amount is part of the total amount of requirements to the company. Their figure is $3.3 billion.

Sources of The Block report that there were discussions between the liquidators regarding the charges against the founders when they met with creditors.

The documentation reports that during May-June of last year, the founders were able to increase leverage. Note that this happened after significant losses of the company at the time of the fall of the LUNA token. Recall that the company invested in them. According to the liquidators, the hedge fund was already insolvent.

As a result of these accusations, the size of the claims against the founders has increased. Earlier, the liquidators noticed that they did not cooperate enough during the investigation.

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