Sui Network does not sell Rewards for Staking Binance

Sui Fundation refutes the sale of rewards for staking their coins. She also denies possible violations of the crypto asset defrosting schedule.

What the team claims

The creators of SUI stated that their platform was not engaged in the sale of staking rewards or any other coins that are blocked and are not in circulation of the project. Insider tokens remain restricted for transfer.

The team also notes that the addition of liquidity in the crypto market is fully in line with the plan. They also gave an answer to the accusations of the trader DeFi^2. He stated that the development team hides the unblocking of coins that were credited as a reward for staking. At the same time, he stressed that this contradicts the tokenomics of the crypto project.

The additional issue of the SUI token reaches approximately 33 million coins per month. In other words, he added that the team holds the coins and is now diluting them by about 20% every month. He also provided proof in the form of an operation from the main wallet for storing coins. However, the developers reported that they moved the coins according to the lock.

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