There will be mandatory verification on KuKoin

The KuCoin crypto exchange announced an update to the rules for customer verification. They will start operating in July of this year.

What updates will be

From July 15 , the crypto exchange introduces:

  1. Mandatory verification of new accounts.
  2. Restrictions on a number of services provided for existing users who have not passed verification.

For the latter, only spot orders will become available to sell and withdraw funds. At the same time, the exchange will block deposits, restrictions for marginal and futures users. Additionally, this will affect Earn and ETF services.

The CEO of the exchange said that the company is closely monitoring the regulation of digital assets in the jurisdictions where it provides services. Innovations in account verification are related to compliance with regulatory requirements, as well as improving the security of user funds.

The website of the site published instructions on how to go through the KYC procedure. You can find it in the "Help Center" item. It should be noted that earlier the specialists of the crypto exchange provided information about promising projects that the service creates by combining artificial intelligence and blockchain.

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