Ledger will launch a trading platform for institutions

Ledger is known for releasing hardware crypto wallets. The company announced that it is launching a trading platform. It will only work with corporate clients.

Trading platform from Ledger — Tradelink

According to this initiative, the manufacturer has entered into a partnership with various cryptocurrency projects. This also applies to Crypto.com , and Bitazza, and Huobi, as well as a dozen other similar companies.

Such legal entities as Damex, Komainu, Kryptodian and others have already signed up for clients. The platform is going to combine both custodial projects and brokers with crypto exchanges. The platform is not going to take commission fees for conducting transactions. The platform also offers to store funds not only at home, but also in third-party services.

The head of the project noted that his team is developing a solution that focuses on the future. Customers will be given flexibility with security. Organizations will be able to reduce risks in their activities.

At the same time, the manufacturer noted that the need for such sites is growing, as there are problems with safety and regulation. The company also stated that thanks to cooperation with the custodians, the project will not be blocked.

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