SEO Compound is going to open an Ethereum fund for investments in the state. US Papers

Robert Leshner founded the cryptocurrency landing site Compound. The other day it became known that he sent an application to the SEC office to launch a fund capable of investing in US government bonds.

What kind of Ethereum Fund

The organization was able to get a traditional transfer institution capable of tracking owners using the Ethereum blockchain as another source.

The documentation states that, according to the adviser, the accounting system implemented in the crypto network will make it possible to ensure the efficiency of operations. This will enhance the experience of the participants of the joint-stock company. Along with this, there will be no negative impact on the quality of the services provided. In the future, the shares of the organization will become available for operations from the owner to the buyer. To do this, secondary records of the crypto network will be used.

In the latter case, it implies the possibility of comparing the official registers of the institution with the information of the crypto network for conducting all single-rank operations with shares.

The foundation's founder will be the Superstate institution. At the same time, the mission is to develop controlled financial products that can combine traditional markets and crypto networks. This becomes the initial step on a long road to change.

The GRIN4 ecosystem

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