VIP users of Binance see prospects in cryptocurrency investments

The Binance trading platform conducted a survey among institutional clients. According to him, 88% see positive prospects for cryptocurrencies for the long term.

What is known about the survey

The survey was conducted from late March to mid-May. It was attended by 208 VIP clients from all over the world. According to him, about 63.5 percent have a positive attitude to digital assets in the near future during the year. The respondents believe that real cases for their application will allow the widespread introduction of cryptocurrencies. Almost 27% think so. Clarity in the regulation of cryptocurrencies is also needed for widespread dissemination. This opinion was voiced by 25.3 percent of respondents. Less than 3.5% agree with the opinion that the growth of the cryptocurrency exchange rate will have an impact.

Regardless of the instability of the cryptocurrency market over the past year, more than 47% continues to move. Over 35.5% increased their investments. We decided to reduce deposits by a little more than 17%.

Also in the survey, respondents said that more than half of them will increase investments, and about 45.7% will leave the deposit amount within a year. Only more than 4% are thinking about withdrawing part of the assets.

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