AlloyX launches a project to invest in cryptocurrency loans

The decentralized financial protocol AlloyX was able to raise $ 2 million. The project also announced the launch of an investment repository that will use tokenized assets.

What is known at the moment

The investment round was led by Hack VC. It was attended by such giants as Credix Finance, Circle Ventures and other companies. The project team reported that thanks to the growth of tokenization on blockchains, cryptocurrency investors can diversify and make a profit as a result of high-yield investments that are associated with the usual business and lending, better known as "real world assets".

According to statistics, this segment already has a volume of more than 530 million. The developers believe that the area is not expanding due to low liquidity. There are also insufficient flows of funds and a lack of composability.

The protocol aggregates investments in digital loans. They represent obligations in digitized form. At the same time, they are provided with real funds. The vault has a liquid pool of Credix and US government bonds. The funds are invested through USD Coin. Deposited assets are combined on the site to provide them to borrowers using a variety of protocols.

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