Chicago Mercantile Exchange Launches Ethereum/Bitcoin Futures

At the end of July, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange will launch trading for a contract that will work with the ratio of ethereum to bitcoin based on their futures. However, approval from regulators is required first.

What is known about the initiative

The product will have an EBR ticker. The platform will provide 6 monthly and 4 quarterly futures. Investors will be allowed to use the tools to speculate on the adjustment of the relative characteristics of the two cryptocurrencies. They can also be used to hedge risks.

The head of crypto products at CME Group said that according to history, Ethereum and bitcoin had a strong correlation. Market dynamics can make their own adjustments to their value, which makes it possible to trade at a relative price.

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange decided to expand products that are related to cryptocurrencies back in 2017. First, she launched digital gold futures, as VTB was recognized by institutional investors. At the end of the winter of 2021, the platform also introduced derivatives based on Ethereum.

According to Coinglass, the exchange has the second place in terms of open interest in bitcoin futures. According to Ethereum, the place below is 5th place.

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