Gary Gensler Resigns — fake from AI

Recently, news began to spread actively that the head of the SEC department, Gary Gensler, is resigning. However, Cointelegraph refutes these rumors. It reported that this is a fake created by AI.

What is known about the fake

Since the beginning of June, a message has been published on the CryptoAlert resource. It said that Gensler would leave his post after an "internal investigation" had begun. The source was an official from the structure, who decided to remain anonymous.

However, the artificial intelligence detector ZeroGPT indicated that more than 96.5% of the news was created using a neural network. The site of the site also looks as if it was recently created. There are only 17 articles on it. The first of which has a date of the 22nd of last month. At the same time, the analysis says that most of them were also written by artificial intelligence. Moreover, the indicator is at least 70%.

Note that despite this, some accounts have reposted the news on Twitter. The most popular one was able to gain more than 1.5 million views.

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