Venture transactions in the cryptocurrency area decreased by 71 in June%

The volume of investments by crypto-currency companies, according to the results of investment rounds, fell significantly in June. The indicator decreased by 71.3% compared to last year's figures.

What is known about the fall

The rootData service has calculated how much venture investors have invested in crypto companies. There were 83 rounds in total. The total volume was more than $520 million. This is the minimum amount for the year. Last year, almost 150 rounds were held. At the same time, the amount amounted to more than $ 1.8 billion.

According to rootData, last month investors were most interested in infrastructure crypto projects. 26 startups were presented here. They were able to raise more than $213 million. On the second line was the CeFi area — centralized sites. They were able to raise more than $101 million over 7 rounds of investment. Games are in third place. They had 9 rounds worth almost $63 million.

It should be noted that several key agreements were signed last month. This concerns Gensyn, a project of a computational crypto network for platforms with artificial intelligence. The developer of Web 3.0 games Mythical Games also aroused interest. The creators were able to get $43 million and $37 million from investors.

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