AzukiDAO is going to demand the return of 20 thousand. ETH from the creator

The team of NFT Azuki crypto users held a vote. It concerns the requirement for the creator of Zagabond to return 20 thousand ETH.

What is known about this

88% of users voted in favor of the above requirement. The initiative suggests hiring a lawyer to file a lawsuit against the creator. At the same time, they point out that the founder of Zagabond cheated simultaneously with several crypto projects.

Users also want to demand 200 thousand ETH from the creator's team, which they earned by releasing a new collection of non-interchangeable Elementals tokens.

The statement states that these funds will be used to expand the entire community. The DAO reported that they already had legal advice, which was provided to them for free. They also have the support of a witness.

However, some members of the crypto community pay attention that they have never heard of this AzukiDAO team before. For example, one of the founders of NFTY.Finance suggested that it could be scammers or just a fake. 

Another user noticed that the Bean management coin, which is used in DAO voting, was released only on June 29.

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