Gemini is demanding compensation from DCG in the amount of $1.46 billion.

One of the founders of the cryptocurrency exchange, Cameron Winklevoss, made the last offer. The amount amounted to gjxnb 1.5 billion dollars. It should be paid by Digital Currency Group on account of the debt.

What is known about this

The head of the crypto platform said that "the games are over," as the participants of the Earn betting service are already strung up in their suspended state." This is due to the fact that crypto assets owned by DCG are in frozen form on the Genesis Global service.

Winklevoss said that this proposal is quite fair and objective for the participants in the process. This is the minimum option that satisfies creditors.

If the head of DCG rejects the deal before the 6th, Winklevoss will file a lawsuit. Recall that DCG, together with Genesis, creditors and the crypto platform, launched a month-long "reconciliation" process so that the case does not reach trial.

At the moment, the parties are looking for the best option for the Genesis agreement with its creditors. It was put forward earlier this year. According to him, they can return about 80% of the assets spent. The agreement stated that gradually the Genesis loan portfolio would be reset to zero, and the failed projects would be sold off.

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