Ola was able to receive $3 million in investments

Web 3.0 startup Ola focuses on the privacy of its users. A seed round was held, at which the project was able to receive about $ 3 million. This was written by The Block.

What is known about financing

The process was handled by two companies Ventures and Foresight Ventures. Catcher VC, LD Capital and TMV also participated.

The head of the startup Ola stated that their ultimate goal is to create privacy as a key right in the digital era. This is especially true for Web 3.0 participants.

The project offers operational privacy. Hybrid ZK-rollups — ZK-ZKVM will be used for this.

The cryptoproject is going to conduct beta testing in the crypto network. This will happen already in the third quarter. It is also planned to launch a public testnet. The main crypto network, according to the startup's roadmap, will be launched early next year. 

It should be noted that last month venture investments in the crypto industry decreased by 71%. Their volume amounted to a little more than 520 million dollars. Recall that more than $1.8 billion was invested last year.

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