In Russia, they explained the grounds for criminal liability in transactions with crypto assets

Punishment in the form of a criminal case will be mandatory if they notice the conduct of transactions with property that were obtained illegally. This was stated by Rosfinmonitoring, RBC comments.

Term for transactions with crypto assets: what is known

The structure referred to the decision of the Supreme Court, which was issued recently. They noted that criminal liability will be when trying to legalize criminal profit, if they establish the very fact of conducting a transaction in order to give a legal appearance to the possession, use or disposal of money and other property.

At the same time, financial intelligence reported that a new type of fraud had arisen. It suggests that attackers are making an offer to assist in withdrawing funds from crypto wallets that are blocked on exchanges. At the same time, they demand payment of a tax for "legalization".

Recall that over the past year, employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs with the help of Rosfinmonitoring information managed to uncover more than 10 financial pyramids. They also initiated 60 criminal cases concerning the organizers and accomplices.

In order to prevent financial fraud with cryptocurrencies, financial intelligence has introduced an initiative. It states the need for full verification of users of trading platforms if they exceed the established limit during operations. The package of bills is already being discussed in the State Duma.

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