OPNX wants to donate funds from3 profit to cover 3AC debt

Kyle Davis is the creator of the OPNX crypto exchange. He also acts as one of the founders of 3AC (Three Arrows Capital). He promised that he would transfer the possible profits from the created platform to creditors.

What exactly did Davis report?

He explains this desire by saying that he wants to preserve "good karma". He also explained that the proposed scheme acts as hidden restoration measures. At the same time, the process will not intersect in any way with the liquidation, which is being carried out officially.

He also made a statement that this decision is the first in such a plan. At the same time, 3AC creditors can receive money only when they support the new crypto exchange. He additionally said that some investors have already made payments. 

Davis also added that there are those who do not want to work with them. However, he noted that they do not need it.

When asked how he will work with the exchange while the bankruptcy of the hedge fund and its liquidation are taking place, he said that creditors will only be able to achieve benefits from the new project.

At the beginning of the year, there were reports that Davis, together with Suu Kyu, were going to receive $ 25 million from investors to launch a crypto exchange. At the same time, active work of CoinFLEX employees is planned, which at one time went bankrupt.

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