BCR-69 standards have been developed

The developers of the Luminex ordinals platform have published the innovative BRC-69 standard. Thanks to it, it will be easier and cheaper to produce NFT collections that have recursive signatures in the Bitcoin crypto network.

What standards are we talking about

The development team stated that with the increase in the number of Ordinals, the location of blocks becomes limited and expensive. Therefore, a completely new approach is required to ensure that creators implement ideas while optimizing effective solutions.

They also reported that the new standard would reduce the cost of producing collections. The indicator will decrease by 90% or more. It will be possible to achieve a reduction in the commission by launching the process in 4 stages. The user needs to do this:

  1. In the network, specify the signs of images.
  2. specify a JSON phrase as text for NFT deployment.
  3. Specify the compiler in JavaScript format in it.
  4. To produce an NFT emission.

They also noticed that the procedure has become much easier. It is enough to write a string in text form without using the full image. Thanks to this, the final picture will be displayed on the ordinals interfaces at the expense of online resources.

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