In China, you can pay for tickets with digital yuan

We are talking about the local city of Jinan. They launched a function that allows you to pay for transport using digital yuan on bus routes. A program to stimulate the use of the coin has also been launched. This was reported by the Chinese media.

How far has the initiative gone

At the initial stage, the public transport operator conducted pilot testing on the use of the digital yuan. It was implemented on two bus routes.

Since the beginning of July, this opportunity has spread to absolutely all city bus lines. Citizens need a digital wallet to use it. It is also proposed to update payment cards.

The city actively rewards those who use the digital yuan to pay. They are offered preferential travel for 1 fyn. This is 1/100 of the yuan. At the same time, two tickets per day are limited. For a month, the limit is for 6 tickets. Along with this, the cost of the trip can be a maximum of two yuan.

At the end of winter, the Global Times calculated that most Chinese cities were distributing digital yuan in honor of the New Year. Their amount was about 180 million coins. In dollars, the amount of the payment reached 26.5 million.

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