In Australia, searches were conducted at the Binance branch

The ASIC Commission, which acts as the regulator of securities and investments, conducted searches in the branch of the local Binance. This happened due to an investigation on derivatives, Bloomberg reports.

Reasons for the search

In April, the Commission suspended the license of the Australian site. By the end of April, users were informed to close all derivatives transactions.

The regulator is conducting a study on whether the site's customers are retail or institutional. Prior to that, the company reported that it mistook the former for the latter.

At the same time, the statement of the representative of the department says that they are not able to confirm or refute any details. At the moment, the regulator continues to check.

Representatives of the local branch of the crypto exchange stated that they provide all support to local authorities. They also noted that they closely monitor compliance with regulatory standards.

In May, the division announced that it was suspending the possibility of replenishing deposits in local currency. They explained the actions of the operator providing payment services. Later, Binance announced that it no longer cooperates with Paysafe, which will lead to the fact that users will not be able to withdraw euros in September.

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