Teenagers were arrested in Canada as they stole more than $4 million in digital assets

We are talking about two 17-year-old residents of Hamilton. They were accused of stealing $4.2 million in digital assets from an American citizen. Phishing was used for this, Canadian media reported.

How the theft occurred

The investigation began last month. The materials say that the teenagers introduced themselves as the technical support of the Coinbase crypto exchange. By deception, the victim transferred about $ 4.2 million in Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Some amount was used to purchase the nickname @zombie on Instagram.

The police report that the detainees had almost $13.5 million in various digital assets. They were also charged with embezzlement of over 5 thousand dollars. It also includes the possession of property or profits from property that were obtained illegally.

Beosin experts report that more than $655.5 million was lost in the crypto industry in the first half of the year. The reasons are hacking, fraud and rug pull. The latter is the pumping of tokens with funds through the liquidity pool, after which there is a sharp withdrawal of assets.

Note that last week Huobi reported a data leak, which experts have already eliminated. The report says that these were risks to customer funds starting in the summer of 2021.

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