The profit from bitcoin commission fees from miners increased to 270%

In the second quarter, digital gold miners were able to earn about $184 million on commission fees alone. This indicator increased by 270% compared to the previous period. It is also higher than the annual value for 2022.

What experts say

The calculation was made by the experts of Coin Metrics. They indicated that the total profit of the miners reached the amount of $ 2.4 billion. At the same time, they noted that high commissions were due to the boom with ordinals and the integration of the BRC-20 standard.

They also noted that despite the fact that the pace of commission payments has slowed down a lot recently, as activity is decreasing. However, the hype is still there. After all, the standard for coins is constantly conducting new experiments on the use of key types of bitcoin transactions. There is also an acceleration of the scaling process due to the Lightning Network.

Experts believe that the quarterly profit of miners had a positive impact on other factors. As an example, the strengthening of the value of digital gold is indicated, as well as a decrease in the cost of electricity in the United States.

Experts also note that competition in this area has increased, as the hashrate has reached new highs. Therefore, in the remaining half of the year there will be a struggle with a lot of market variables.

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