A testnet has been launched in dYdX to move to 100% decentralization

Yesterday, the decentralized dYdX platform launched a public testnet developed on the basis of Cosmos and the tendermint consensus. This will increase the number of validators to at least 40.

What is known about the new testnet

Now the test network allows you to trade bitcoin and Ethereum. In future updates, the list of available cryptocurrencies will expand.

The crypto exchange is non-custodial. She uses StarkEx l2 solutions, which was developed by StarkWare, to scale the Ethereum blockchain.

The launch of the main network of the exchange for Space is planned at the end of this year. It is expected that the crypto exchange will no longer have a centralized order book. The application matching mechanism will also be removed. Along with this, the platform is not going to use AMM.

The developers reported that this approach will allow the crypto exchange to achieve a huge bandwidth in the order book. At the same time, it will remain a decentralized platform.

In addition, the calculation of commission fees will be carried out in the same way as on centralized crypto exchanges.

Recall that at the end of May, the 3rd version of the main network was launched. Before that, the site left Canada, as there was strong pressure from regulators.

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