Galaxy Digital is going to move its workers from America

The company wants to relocate its employees to another country. This was explained by the fact that in the US, regulators still cannot decide on digital assets. This was reported by Michael Novogratz, the creator of Galaxy Digital, points out The Block.

When are they going to relocate

The publication refers to a recording of a speech conducted by Mike Novogratz during the Piper Sandler Global Exchange & FinTech event. The FOUNDER believes that many other companies will act similarly.

He added that in the short term, the company will make every effort to take employees out of the country to other states. At the same time, he noted that his company is not the first to do so.

The expert also noted that in the medium and long term, the United States should be part of the common system. He added that the country is a big part of the global economy. In order for digital assets to fulfill their goals in reality, the United States must be involved. Therefore, he will not "send" the regulator. The company tries to work with both political structures and regulators on a daily basis to find the optimal solution.

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