Leading managers are leaving Binance: the head named the reasons

The founder of the crypto exchange, who is also its head, made a statement regarding the departure of top managers as a result of an investigation by the US Department of Justice.

What Changpeng Zhao reports

Fortune reports that several executives have left the company this week alone. These include Patrick Hillmann, who held the position of Strategic Director, Stephen Christie, who was the chief vice president responsible for legislative compliance, and chief legal adviser Han NG.

At the same time, the ex-director of strategy has already officially announced that he has left the company. He wrote on his account that he was really leaving Binance. At the same time, he is dismissed on positive terms. He also respects Changpeng Zhao as before and will support him. The specialist added gratitude for the work provided by him.

The founder himself said that the reasons for the resignation of the leaders, which were named by the press, are not true. He noted that this is a habitual staff turnover. At the same time, he added that the exchange is grateful to all former team members for their work and assistance in development, and also wishes them all the best. Additionally, Zhao congratulated those employees who were able to grow to new positions.

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